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About Asian Success

Hello! We are Asian Success LTD (1997) and from our factory based in Hong Kong, China, we distribute tools for refrigeration and A / C all over the world. Our brand, Avaly, already has a reputation in several Latin American countries; although our strategic alliances in Asian countries allow us to also offer an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service.


With Asian Success LTD and Avaly you can be sure that you will have the best products, with the highest quality, just in time anywhere in the world that you need them.


Avaly offers, in general, all kinds of tools, instruments and consumables for the refrigeration and air conditioning market. Some examples include: dehydrator filters, service manifolds, vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery equipment, hand tools, thermostats, voltammeters, various motors, welding, etc.


For Asian Success LTD, quality is the most important thing. Therefore, and to maintain our certifications, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards for better performance and durability. This is reflected in the type and quality of materials we use and in our production processes, which are friendly to the environment.


Our products have the following certifications worldwide, endorsing our quality and commitment:

· Europe (EC)

· American (UL)

· Canada (CSA)

· Germany (TÜV)

Contact us and let's analyze how we can continue to grow together in this industry: [email protected]